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At Limousine Cleveland, we try to make our pricing policies straightforward and easy to understand. We never try to fool our customers with small print or hidden fees. When you are given a quote, you will be given a total that includes our hourly rate, operating costs, and taxes. You won't ever be expected to pay more unless you are responsible for interior damages to the vehicle, excessive clean up, or you go past the time you are contracted for. These charges are all clearly listed in the contract you will sign before your trip even begins. We don't keep secrets at Limousine Cleveland. And we don't believe in trying to soak our customers for every penny. We operate on what is called the graduated scale which means that if we experience great savings due to any kind of factor, we feel very good about passing those savings along to you. For example, if the price of gas drops dramatically, instead of keeping our rates at the same level, we believe in passing our savings along to you. This is all part of forging a long lasting relationship where we hope to provide service to you for multiple events through the years.

Hourly rates vary depending on date of service, time of service, type of vehicle, size of vehicle, and pick up and drop off location. Rates tend to be higher during peak seasons (including wedding and prom season). In order to get the lowest rate possible, choose one of our smaller vehicles, avoid holidays and peak seasons, and consider dividing the cost among your guests. Also, if you can have your event or activity during the week or in the day time, you will also experience a savings. The price will be affordable for everybody, and they certainly won't mind paying for a night of fun.

At the time of booking, a deposit will be due. This payment must be on a credit or debit card. After that, we are flexible with our form of payment. We will accept cash, credit or debit card, money orders, and personal checks. We do have cutoffs for when different forms of payment can be accepted, so please let your booking specialist know what form of payment you plan to use at the time of reservation. And keep in mind that our customer service agents are trained to treat you with the utmost respect. They want to make this process as easy and painless as possible so don't worry about calling and talking to some high pressure sales person. Our agents are available 24/7 which means they are waiting right now to take your call.